Warning: May cause sleepiness ^^
[Tejas Shirodkar: Born in Delhi, India on Oct' 6th 1986. Fell in love with computers ever since he saw a game running on it for the first time. By the time he was 12 he was quite fascinated by computer animation and joined a local institute teaching the same. Lets just say, the end result with the software and the techniques used left a bitter taste in his mouth and he left the whole experience behind with a resolve to make better software some day.
After several years of coding and growing a fascination for Game Programming, he started self learning the same, he finally got a foot hold in the nitty gritties of Game Development, even though The Hungarian notion and Win32 tried to scare him away, they were soon overcome, and he emerged Victorious.]

After college I got my first job as a gameplay programmer at RZ2 Games believing I knew a lot about making kick-ass high quality games... How wrong I was!!!
Ever since then I have been learning by leaps and bounds and with every passing week and month I learn more than I have learned in all of my life, before I started working professionally.

Between 2009 and 2011 I worked as a Programmer at Acony in Germany on Hedone the best ever Online FPS which will hit the international market, moreover it's free to play and uses the Unreal 3 Engine.

End of 2011, I decided to move back to India closer to family and joined EA Mobile in Hyderabad, sailing in to new frontiers of technology and getting used to being a part of a huge organization. I grew from a Software Engineer 2 to a Technical Director, from client to server technologies, to being a total nerd and very bad with people to making huge strides there and building an amazing culture in our engineering teams. The journey defintely changed me immensely, I would like to think for the better!

There are some very exciting things up ahead and I can't wait for plans to convert into actions and dreams into realities!